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MPC Powders and Liquid Catalyst

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MPC (Multipurpose Protective Coating) is a polymerized, two component, cementitious protective coating that can be applied over a variety of surfaces including concrete, masonry, metal, wood and tile. It consists of a unique rubber-like polymer liquid that is mixed with a proprietary cement and aggregate blend. MPC is then applied in two or more coats by trowel, brush, roller, spray or squeegee to a typical thickness of 1/16" (16mm).
Designed for both exterior and interior use, MPC restores and protects concrete surfaces from the consequences of exposure to water and chloride intrusion, freeze thaw damage and carbonation. MPC is an extremely durable, cost-effective protective coating that is "breathable" and allows for the transmission of inherent moisture vapor within concrete without blistering or delamination. By lowering moisture content within the concrete, MPC helps reduce the potential for corrosion of steel reinforcement.

• Concrete Restoration and Protection projects
• Resurfacing new concrete slabs that are flawed or discolored
• Parking decks, columns, walls and ceilings
• Bridge Parapets and Abutments
• Renovations to Stadiums and Arenas
• Resurfacing of balconies and breezeways
• Driveway and sidewalk resurfacing
• Pool decks and patios
• Building entrances and stairs
• Concrete and masonry water tank linings
• Decorative floor finishes and microtoppings
Crossfield File Code Mir. 010 05 06 2009 Page 1 of 2 MPC (Multipurpose Protective Coating)


  1. Moisture vapor permeable – reduces potential for corrosion
  2. Protects against penetration of water, chlorides and CO2
  3. Ideal for exterior/interior, pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  4. Enhances appearance and curb appeal of concrete & masonry
  5. Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  6. Extensive choice of colors, textures and patterns

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MCDRYMIX.55B MPC Powder Regular Gray 55 lb. Bag Per Bag 55 lbs. Per Bag
MCDRYMIX-S.55B MPC Powder Smooth Gray 55lb. Bag Per Bag 55 lbs. Per Bag
MCDRYMIX-W.55B MPC Powder Regular White 55 lb. Bag Per Bag 55 lbs. Per Bag
MCDRYMIX-SW.55B MPC Powder Smooth White 55 lb. Bag Per Bag 55 lbs. Per Bag
MCCATALYST.1G Liquid Catalyst 1 gallon pail Per Gallon In 1 Gallon Pails 10 lbs. Per Pail
MCCATALYST.5G Liquid Catalyst 5 gallon pail Per Gallon In 5 Gallon Pails 55 lbs. Per Pail
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1