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Schnee-Morehead 5506 Acryl-R HAPS Free Sealant

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Acryl-R SM5506 is a HAPS Free, VOC Exempt acrylic self leveling compound designed to seal mechanically fixed joints. After solvent release, this sealant exhibits a tough ductile mass that fulfills the sealant requirements of window, door, recreational vehicle, cargo trailer and manufactured home details.
Excellent adhesion
Outstanding UV resistance – non yellowing
VOC Compliant
Fast skinning
Cures to a ductile consistency
Permanently flexible
Paintable / Mildew resistant
Primerless adhesion to substrates, including anodized and mill finish aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, fiberglass and many plastics.

Narrow corner joints and screw heads.
Waterproofing rivet seams and roof nails.
Sealing gutters
Sealing vehicle bodies, cab construction, underbody compartments and roofing.
Sealing front and rear spoilers, auto trim, moldings, body seams and weld joints.
Sealing corner moldings, fabricated roof-lap seams, bumper assemblies and body-to-cab joints in mini-motor homes.

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SM5506.5G Schnee-Morehead 5506 Acryl-R HAPS Free Sealant per 5 gallon pail Per Pail 50 lbs. Per Pail
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