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Schnee-Morehead 8400 Acrylethane Sealant

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SM8400 Acrylethane is a high performance sealant that is specifically targeted for back-bedding vision lites in wood windows and doors. It is the first back bedding sealant to combine the strength and tenacious adhesion of urethane with the excellent weathering characteristics of acrylic. Independent laboratory tests verify that the bonding of SM8400 exceed the load requirements in sash designed to meet Grade 60 of ASTM E1017 both before and after accelerated weathering.

SM8400 is used for back-bedding (glazing) vision lites in wood windows and door sash. A precise integral rheology provides "wet grab" and prevents squeeze out. This helps maintain a proper position of the vision lite and thickness of sealant.

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SM8400.SC Schnee-Morehead 8400 Acrylethane Sealant Per 10oz Cartridge 30 per Case 1 lb. Per Cartridge
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