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APF Epoxy Novolac 900

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Epoxy Nolovac 900 is a solvent-free, multi- functional epoxy system designed to give outstanding resistance to a broad range of chemicals, including 98% sulfuric acid and most solvents. Novolac 900 also offers a workable pot life, blush-free cure and a low viscosity making aggregate-filled flooring easy to apply. This material can be applied down to 40°F and is available with a non-sag thickener for easy vertical application. 

Novolac 900 was designed as a user friendly, high performance material for use in a variety of chemical resistant applications. It is especially suitable in areas subject to high concentrations of acids; such as metal plating, circuit board manufacturing, chemical processing, storage areas and waste treatment plants. 


APF Epoxy Novolac 900 Data Sheet

APF Epoxy Novolac 900 Clear MSDS

APF Epoxy Novolac 900 Pigmented MSDS

APF Standard Color Chart

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AFENOV900.1+U APF Epoxy Novolac 900 Clear & Pigmented 1-1/2 Gallon Unit
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