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FP-10 One Way Roof Vent

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The FP-10 One Way Roof Vent is a solar operated, moisture/vapor venting unit designed to release and prevent the re-entry of moisture-laden air in new or existing lightweight fill decks and most low-slope industrial/commercial roofing systems.  The venting unit consists of three major components: A one piece roof deck flange and body; a weatherproof cap; and a silicone rubber valve. The deck flange is 10" (25.4 cm) in diameter, while the body has a base diameter of 4½" (11.43 cm) and a height of 6" (15.24 cm).  As the sun heats the roofing membrane causing trapped moisture- laden air to expand, the one way valve is forced open, releasing the moisture into the surrounding atmosphere. When the roofing membrane cools, the process is reversed. Cooler air in the roof sandwich contracts tending to draw moisture laden air into the roof system. The one way valve closes preventing its re-entry. The one way silicone-rubber valve also prevents the entry of snow and wind blown rain.

The FP-10 Roof Vent is manufactured in black polyethylene and is designed for use in bituminous systems. For heat-weld systems, do not apply heat directly to vent.

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