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Expand-O-Flash EJ/WC Expansion Joint Cover

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Expand-O-Flash Style PVC EJ/WC consists of foam supported bellows with integrally attached nonmetallic nailing flanges over which is attached a reinforced PVC cover of sufficient width to weld the entire joint assembly to the PVC
membrane. Nailing flanges are 13⁄8" (3.49 cm) rigid PVC welded to flexible PVC strips which in turn are welded to the reinforced PVC cover membrane. Cover membrane is available in white 60 mil or 80 mil (1.52 mm or 2.03 mm) reinforced PVC membrane. The membrane is designed to cover the curbs or cants and extend 5" (12.7 cm) onto the roof surface to be welded to the PVC roof membrane.  As expansion joints move, the greatest stress occurs in the cover at the point where expansion joints intersect, cross or change directions. Factory-fabricated intersections are designed for maximum flexibility and are produced using special fabrication techniques to ensure watertight, clean seam lines. Close factory tolerance and quality control assures high yield performance.


Designed to manage the movement of commercial and industrial building PVC roofing systems due to thermal changes, nonload bearing walls, settlement of new or old construction, different deck materials or directions of decking and possible seismic activity.

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