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All-Crete 20, Rapid Setting Cementitious Patching Material

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All-Crete 20 is a one component rapid-setting cementitious patching material that can be covered by asphalt or concrete in 20 minutes following application. It can be used to repair both horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces, above and below grade.
0.45 ft3 per 50 lb bag
(0.013 m3 per 22.5 kg)
0.50 ft3 per 60 lb pail
(0.014 m3 per 27 kg)

50 lb (22.7 kg) bags
60 lb (27 kg) pails

Where to Use
Concrete repairs
Precast and concrete pipe repairs

Horizontal or vertical
Interior or exterior
Above and below grade

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MBAC20.60P All-Crete 20 60 lb Pail Per Pail 60 lbs. Per Pail
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