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Emaco P24, Water-based epoxy-cementitious Bonding Agent

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Emaco® P24 is a water-based epoxy-cementitious bonding agent. It will bond concrete and mortar up to 24 hours after application. Emaco® P24 is also used to coat and protect rebar.
One unit of Emaco® P24 bonding agent will yield 2.7 mixed gallons (10.2 L). The coverage is 80 ft2/ gallon (2.0 m2/L) at a thickness of 20 mils (0.5 mm).

Emaco® P24 bonding agent is a
3-part system consisting of:
Part A: 0.42 gallons (1.6 L) epoxy resin
Part B: 0.42 gallons (1.6 L) epoxy hardener
Part C: 31 lbs (14.1 kg) cementitious component

Where to Use
Bonding plastic concrete to hardened concrete
Coating steel rebar to protect against corrosion
Areas where short open times prevent the use of traditional epoxies

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MBP24.27U Emaco P24 2.7 Gallon Unit Per Unit 27 lbs. Per Unit
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