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MasterFlow 648 CP Plus, High Strength, High Temperature, High-Flow Epoxy Grout

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Masterflow® 648 CP Plus grout is threecomponent modified epoxy-resin-based grout with variable fill rates. Masterflow® 648 CP Plus combines hightemperature performance and crack resistance with outstanding flow characteristics.

216 LB FULL UNITS (1.73 FT3, 0.05 M3)
Resin: One 20.2 lb pail (9.2 kg)
Hardener: One 7.6 lb bottle (3.4 kg)
Aggregate: Four 47 lb bags (21.3 kg)
(A 3 bag high-flow unit will generate 1.35 ft3 [0.04 m3].) 54.4 LB UNIT (0.43 FT3, 0.012 M3)
Resin: One 5.1 lb pail (2.3 kg)
Hardener: One 1.9 lb bottle (0.9 kg)
Aggregate: One 47 lb bag (21.3 kg) (54.4 lb unit is shipped in a 5 gallon pail over-pack)

Masterflow® 648 CP Plus grout is available in complete units in 2 packaging sizes:
54.4 lb unit (0.43 ft3 [0.012 m3])
216 lb full unit (1.73 ft3 [0.05 m3])
As a safety precaution, order an additional 10 – 20% of material to accommodate installation variables.

Dark gray

Shelf Life
2 years (for both resin and hardener) when properly stored

Store in unopened containers at 60 to 80° F (16 to 27° C) in clean, dry conditions.

Where to Use
Power generation
Oil & gas transmission
Pulp and paper mills
Steel and cement mills
Stamping and machining
Water and waste treatment
Chemical processing

Where fast turnaround and high early and 7 day compressive strengths are needed
Precision alignment of compressors, generators, pumps and electric motors
Foundations under crusher ball mills, slab tables, and other equipment
Setting of foundations for wind turbines
Grouted anchors, bars and dowels

Interior or exterior

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MB648CPPLUS.216 MasterFlow 648 CP Plus 216 lb Unit (3 Parts) Per Unit in a 3 Part Unit 216 lbs. Per Unit
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