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MasterFlow 1205, High Performance Duct Grout for Highly Stressed Seal

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Masterflow® 1205 is a cement-based pumpable grout with specially graded aggregate. It produces a pumpable, nonbleeding, high-strength fluid grout with an extended working time. The specially graded spherical aggregate mitigates chloride migration while still allowing the product to be easily pumped over long distances through small openings. Masterflow® 1205 meets all the compressive strength and “nonshrink” requirements ASTM C 1107 (CRD C621) at a fluid consistency.

One 55 lb (25 kg) bag yields approximately 0.55 ft3 (0.016 m3)

55 lb (25 kg) multi-wall paper bags
2,500 lb (1,134 kg) bulk bags available by special order

Where to Use

Pumping around post-tensioned tendons, cables, and high-strength rods to encapsulate and protect highly stressed steel from corrosion
Placing around end sections of unanchored cables and rods for subsequent tensioning
Filling voids in restricted spaces between wall panels, beams, and columns where grout will contact highly stressed steel
Grouting cable anchor-plates or other plates where grout will contact highly stressed anchorages

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MB1205.55B MasterFlow 1205 Hi Performance Grout 55 lb Bag Per Bag 55 lbs per Bag
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