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Concresive Standard LVI

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Concresive® Standard LVI is a twocomponent moisture-insensitive 100% solids low-viscosity epoxy adhesive. It penetrates cracks and voids, bonding
hardened concrete to hardened concrete. It can be mixed with aggregate to make high-strength, high-modulus epoxy concrete and mortars.

One gallon yields 231 in3 (0.001 m3)

3 gallon (11 L) units
15.2 oz (300 by 150 ml) biaxial cartridges, 12 per box; 1 mixing nozzle per cartridge


Where to Use
As a high-strength binder for grouts and mortars
Repairing of concrete slab or walls
Injection of cracks from 0.002 – 0.25" (0.05 – 6 mm)
Repairing of beams, columns, and foundations
Anchoring bolts, dowels, and reinforcing bars
Consolidating rock pockets or honeycombs

Horizontal and vertical surfaces
Interior or exterior

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MBCONLVI.3U Concresive Standard LVI 3 Gallon Unit Per Unit 30 lbs. Per Unit
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