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HI-SPEC Hot-Applied, Polymeric Sealant

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HI-SPEC polymeric, hot-applied sealant is a premium-quality, single-component joint sealing compound. It is formulated with a carefully balanced blend of 100% virgin polymer, asphalt plasticizers and inert, reinforcing fillers to produce a hot-pour joint sealant with excellent bonding properties, high resiliency, ductility, and resistance to degradation from weathering. It will not become brittle at low temperatures; it will not flow or migrate from the joint at temperatures up to 140º F (60º C).

HI-SPEC is recommended for large-scale sealing of joints and cracks in Portland cement concrete and asphalt concrete pavements because of its excellent cost efficiency, long sealant life, and high return on investment. Typical applications include sealing expansion and contraction joints in concrete highways (both transverse and longitudinal), joints between concrete pavements, asphaltic shoulders, and random cracks in both Portland cement concrete and asphalt concrete

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MEADHISPEC.55# HI-SPEC® Hot-Applied, Polymeric Sealant Per 55 lb. (24.95 kg) cartons Per Unit 55 lbs Per Unit
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