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Meadow Vapor Seal w/Plasmatic Core

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PREMOULDED MEMBRANE VAPOR SEAL with PLASMATIC CORE (PMPC) is a seven-ply, weathercoated, permanently bonded, semi-flexible bituminous core board. It is composed of a homogeneous, highmelt point bituminous material, in combination with an exclusive plasmatic core suspended mid-point in the bituminous core. This core is sealed under heat and pressure between liners of asphalt-impregnated felt and a glass-mat liner. An asphalt weather coat is applied to the glass-mat liner and covered with a polyethylene anti-stick sheet.
PMPC provides a positive, easy-to-install, economical, true vaporproofing and waterproofing system for horizontal applications. Properly applied, it stops moisture migration in footings, concrete floors and structural slabs. PREMOULDED MEMBRANE VAPOR SEAL with PLASMATIC CORE is both waterproof and vaporproof.

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MEADPMPC.SF Meadow Vapor Seal w/Plasmatic Core 4' x 8' Sheet Per Square Foot in 32 SF Sheet
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