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Paraseal Gas Membrane

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Paraseal GM is a composite-sheet waterproofing membrane that combines a thick layer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with expandable quality granular bentonite. Paraseal GM is manufactured to control thickness of 150-200 mils (3.75-5.0 mm) with 1 lb/ft2 bentonite and is installed as a system with Para JT Tape to form a superior dual membrane barrier to both water and aliphatic gases. It is not a containment membrane.

Basic Uses:
Paraseal GM is used with Para JT Tape to waterproof and/or gasproof structures below grade. The Para JT Tape is installed within the Paraseal GM membrane sheet overlaps where it remains protected while providing a flexible, gasproof and waterproof seal. This dual membrane system exhibits outstanding performance in withstanding conditions of high water head and/or aliphatic gases. The Paraseal GM membrane system is excellent for use on poured concrete or block masonry foundation walls and it may be installed prior to the concrete pour such as on lagging, under floor slabs, in elevator pits, etc.

• Do not apply in standing water or over snow.
• If groundwater is brackish, Saltwater Grade Paraseal GM
may be required. Paraseal products require compaction/
confinement to be effective. A minimum 24 psf confinement is
required. Contact your local representative or technical services
for more information..

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PASEALGM-20.RL Paraseal W/GM 4' x 24' Rolls 20 Rolls Per Pallet 92 lbs Per Roll
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