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Miracote Enriching Sealer

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Miracote Enriching Sealer is a nano scale premium, ‘wet-look’, non-aqueous, penetrating sealer formulated to provide maximum stain protection. Enriching Sealer is a non-VOC, green technology formulation.

Designed for use as an easy-to-apply sealer for polished concrete. It is also an excellent enriching sealer for natural stone, brick, saltillo tile, and other concrete installations. Enriching Sealer can be used in both interior and exterior service. It possesses excellent resistance to ultraviolet light including freedom from color change or degradation.

Enriching Sealer allows moisture vapor transmission and possesses very good stain resistance. Enriching Sealer is compliant with Industrial Maintenance Coating Guidelines and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1113. Enriching Sealer maintains a clean appearance and is highly resistant to deterioration when exposed to routine mild cleaning materials such as citrus, light TSP and surfactant cleaners. Resists a wide range of in-service chemicals and is very stain- resistant to a wide variety of industrial chemicals. Staining resistance and cleaning capability improves after 30 days.

ADA Compliant: for in-situ, validate ADA Compliance with a Variable Incident Tribometer Machine. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Credit Points may be available under several different Classifications. Does not contain chemicals targeted by Green Seal Standard GS-11 and LEED-CS as unacceptable.

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MCENRICHSLR.1G Enriching Sealer 1 gallon pail Per Gallon In 1 Gallon Pails 10 lbs. Per Pail
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