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Sikadur 51 SL

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Sikadur 51 SL is a 2-component, self-leveling 100% solids, flexible, control joint resin sealer and adhesive.

Where to Use
Use to fill horizontal, non-moving, saw cut construction control joints and cracks.
- Use as a flexible adhesive.

- Remains flexible. Does not age-harden.
- Prevents deterioration of joint edges.
- Excellent adhesive properties.
- Conforms to ACI 302.1R (4.10-Joint Materials).
- Ideal for use with plural injection type systems.
- Can be used on grades up to 15%.
- Shock absorbent and durable. Withstands wheel traffic and heavy loads.
- Use as a security sealant.

1 gal. will yield 231 cu. in. or will fill 100 lin. ft. of 1/8 in. x 1.5 in. deep joint.

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SIKDUR51SL.4G Sikadur 51 SL 4 Gallon (Two-Component) Unit Per Gallon in 4 Gallon Unit
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