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LT Light traffic Mat System

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For all your temporary surface protection needs, Skudo’s got you covered

Description Skudo’s Light Mat system is designed to protect interior surfaces from light construction traffic for up to 6 months. It is comprised of a flexible, peelable Standard Base Coat and the LT (Light Traffic) Mat.
The LT Mat gently adheres to the surface it’s protecting, creating a homogeneous barrier that does not permit debris to get underneath.
The system also provides a safe working environment with a seamless and slip resistant surface that will not move, lip or curl. Once the project is completed, the Mat is simply peeled up and disposed of in general site refuse facilities.

  • Designed for Tile, Marble, Hardwood, Stone
  • Interior Use - up to 6 months
  • Countertops & Cabinetry
  • Staircases, Walls & Doors
  • Tubs & Showers
  • Reliable surface protection for Light Traffic on site
    • Protects against foot traffic, carts, wheelbarrows, trolleys, scaffolding
    • Dirt and debris stay on top of Skudo without touching the protected surface
    • Light spill, stain and water resistance
    • Resistance to mold
  • Safer working surface
    • High slip resistance
    • Seamless and stationary
  • Minimal maintenance - Won’t slide, curl or become soggy
  • Cleans surface upon peel up removal
  • Planet friendly - LT Mat is made from post-consumer recycled plastic

The Skudo Light Mat System is applied in two layers:

  1. The water based Standard Base Coat is applied to the surface using a roller or airless sprayer.
  2. The LT Mat, which is pre-coated, is then rolled out and pressed into the Base Coat while it is still wet. For more information on correct application methods, please refer to our Website, Product Application Sheet or Label.


Light Mat MSDS

Light Mat System Product Sheet

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FPLTMAT.RL Skudo LT Mat - 5' wide
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