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Vulkem Primer 191

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It is used to prepare surfaces of cured urethane sealants, coatings, and TREMproof membranes that will be sealed with a fresh coat.

• Apply with a clean brush or roller. Dry time is 15-45 minutes at 70ºF. Apply coating or sealant within one hour after application when primer is still tacky but does not come off substrate. Primer will yellow with time if left exposed. Do not apply in excess to other substrates not intended to be coated.
• Do not apply sealant or coating if primer becomes hard or glossy. If it does, clean with Xylene and coat with Vulkem Primer # 191.
• Do not apply in excess or allow to puddle. Use a short nap roller only.
• Coverage Rate: 450 - 600 sq. ft. per gallon.

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VU191.1QT Vulkem 191 Primer Per Quart 12 per case 2.5 lbs. Per Quart
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