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Delta Drain 2000

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DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 is designed to protect underground structures against water damage by eliminating hydrostatic pressure.

The needle-punched geotextile is highly tear and puncture resistant and proven to prevent clogging of the drainage core. The tough drainboard is thermoformed from a high-performance Polypropylene. Its outstanding impact resistance helps it to maintain the integrity of the dimpled core even under tough conditions.

With a compressive strength of 11,000 psf, DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 can be used at installation depths of 30 ft and more. It provides water-flow rates for highest demands. The Polypropylene based product provides unmatched tear, puncture and chemical resistance, and - unlike Polystyrene based drainboards - is unaffected by environmental stress cracking.

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DD2000-4.SF Delta Drain 2000 4' x 50' Roll Per Square Foot in 200 ft² Rolls
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