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Dri-Shield Housewrap II

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Dri-Shield II is a technologically advanced housewrap designed for use within a variety of exterior wall assemblies. It excels in the four critical performance criteria for housewraps: air resistance, water resistance, moisture vapor permeability and durability. Dri-Shield II is a non-perforated, microporous, polyolefin housewrap incorporating intelligent-barrier coating technology with a nonwoven reinforcing substrate.

Non-woven, non-perforated, microporous, polymer-based housewrap
Excellent moisture vapor permeability balance (perm rating of 10) does not trap water inside the building envelope
Superior tear resistance for enhanced durability during installation
Reduces energy consumption by reducing drafts and air-infiltration
Highly Resistant to wind-blown rain and other sources of liquid water infiltration, reducing the potential for rot, mold and mildew
Resistant to surfactants (e.g. power washing solutions, detergents) that can reduce water resistance in other types of housewraps
Good contact clarity provides ease of stud recognition for precise fastener placement
Can be used behind fiber cement siding, brick, vinyl, and wood siding
Protected with UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to provide up to 180 day exposure
Meets ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Water-Resistive Barriers (certification pending)

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PWHW2-10.RL Dri-Shield Housewrap II 10' x 150' Rolls Per Roll 25 lbs. Per Roll
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