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Rezi-Weld LV State

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Rezi-Weld LV State is an ultra-low viscosity, rapid setting, epoxy-based, structural injection resin. This anchoring adhesive and injection resin is moisture insensitive and provides high mechanical properties and bond strength to concrete and various other substrates. Rezi-Weld LV State resists most chemicals and forms a structural monolithic bond.

Rezi-Weld LV State is designed for gravity feeding or pressure injecting using two-component metering pumps, hand-held bulk guns, or pressure pots. It is suitable for injecting fine, non-moving structural cracks for long-term repairs. Rezi-Weld LV State makes an economical, easy-to-use epoxy mortar for patching or repairing defects in concrete substrates.

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MEADREZILV.SC Rezi-Weld LV State 10oz Standard Cartridge Per Cartridge / 24 Per Case
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