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Membrane A

Miraflex is a highly attractive walking deck and roof covering system that provides an extremely functional waterproofing system that is ICC-ES ER-1714 listed, having an UBC Class A One-Hour-Fire-Resistive Construction Rating. The membrane component has an IAPMO File No. 4509 Certification, and is manufactured in compliance with ANSI A 118.10-99.

It is ideal for walking, promenade and roof decking. It is a multi-layered troweled applied waterproofing and wearing surface. It is designed for use as a waterproof decks, such as sun decks, play roofs, observation decks, etc., which are subject to normal foot traffic, roof furniture and rubber-tired window washing rigs. It ICC Listed, has a Class A Fire Rating (plywood) and IAPMO Listed waterproofing membrane.

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MCMEMBRANEA.1G Membrane A 1 gallon pail Per Gallon In 1 Gallon Pails 10 lbs. Per Pail
MCMEMBRANEA.5G Membrane A 5 gallon pail Per Gallon In 5 Gallon Pails 55 lbs. Per Pail


Miracote Membrane A Data Sheet

Miracote Membrane A Install Guide

Miracote Membrane A MSDS