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All Categories > Expansion Joint / Specialty Roof Systems > Roof Coatings > Sun Tech Coating Mfg. > Sun-Kote 200 Elastomeric Primer and Sealer  
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Sun-Kote 200 Elastomeric Primer and Sealer

Sun-Kote 200 is a styrene acrylic formulated product designed as a sealer/bonder over petroleum based or problem roofs. Sun-Kote 200 is a water based elastomeric coating that bridges the gap between oil and water based products. Its primary purpose is to serve as a sealer to block methane or any other gases that may interfere with adhesion, including the migration of petroleum solvents and sulfer particules that could cause delamination or discoloration of the protective Sun-Kote 100. 
Basic Applications:
Residential Roofs
Industrial Roofs
Commercial Roofs
Commercial Trailers
Construction Roofs
Animal Shelters
Mobile Homes
Travel Trailers
Motor Homes
Tool Sheds

Item #

Product Name


Unit Quantity


SU200.1G Sun-Kote 200 Primer and Sealer 1 Gallon Units Per Unit in 1 Gallon Units 10 lbs. Per Unit
SU200.5G Sun-Kote 200 Primer and Sealer 5 Gallon Units Per Unit in 5 Gallon Units 55 lbs. Per Unit


Sun-Kote 200 Data Sheet
(PDF, 441KB)

Sun-Kote 200 MSDS
(PDF, 629KB)