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All Categories > Waterproofing Systems > Cementitious Waterproof Coatings > BASF Construction Chemicals > Thoroseal Cement-Based Coating  
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Thoroseal Cement-Based Coating

A portland-cement-based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry. Thoroseal® resists both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, enabling it to waterproof both interior and exterior surfaces. It fills and seals pores and voids, correcting surface irregularities and eliminating the need for concrete rubbing. Thoroseal creates a low-cost, low-maintenance, highly durable water barrier that is resistant to damage from impact, abrasion, and mildew. It can be overcoated with a variety of Thoro® decorative finishes.

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THSEAL-G.50B Thoroseal Coating - Gray 50 Pound Bag Per Bag 50 lbs
THSEAL-W.50B Thoroseal Coating - White 50 Pound Bag Per Bag 50 lbs


BASF Thoroseal Coating Data Sheet

BASF Thoroseal Coating MSDS