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Consolideck LS Sealer Hardener

Premium sealer, hardener and densifier for concrete
No floors get the beating that industrial floors get. Spills, traffic, dirt, oil, abrasion, pounding, loads, chemicals and more take their toll over time. Industrial concrete floors have got to be hard to survive!

Consolideck® LS (lithium silicate) penetrates and reacts with concrete. It creates tough, insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. Unlike sodium silicate hardeners, LS penetrates without scrubbing. And no flushing is needed after application. The result is a floor more than five times harder than untreated concrete. That means longer service-life with all the associated savings in time, money and aggravation.
• Effective on new or old concrete floors.
• Treated floors resist water, salt and chemical attack.
• Reduces dusting and simplifies maintenance cleaning.
• Will not trigger or contribute to Alkali Silicate Reaction (ASR).
• VOC compliant.

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SKLS.1G Consolideck LS Sealer Hardener 1 gallon pail Per Gallon in 1 Gallon Pail 9.2 lbs per Gallon
SKLS.5G Consolideck LS Sealer Hardener 5 gallon pail Per Gallon in 5 Gallon Pail 9.2 lbs per Gallon


Prosoco Consolideck LS Sealer Hardener Data Sheet

Prosoco Consolideck LS Sealer Hardener MSDS