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Consolideck LS Guard

Glossy sealer, hardener & densifier for concrete
Consolideck® LS Guard combines high-gloss beauty with the penetrating toughness of Consolideck® LS – PROSOCO’s premium sealer, hardener and densifier for horizontal concrete. The easyapplication lithium silicate treatment penetrates and reacts with the concrete. The concrete, new or old, dramatically increases in hardness, denseness and durability. Meanwhile, LS Guard’s polymeric component seals the concrete. You get an immediate rich, shiny finish that makes concrete easy to clean and maintain. No buffing needed! And the high covereage rate – 650-850 square feet per gallon means a LOW installed cost. Perfect for decorative concrete.

• Penetrating, permanent protection – won’t flake or peel.
• Hardens concrete against abrasion and reduces dusting.
• Ideal for all concrete floors, new or old, standard or decorative.
• Makes maintenance cleaning faster, easier and more economical.
• Glossy finish holds its beauty – no other coating needed.

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SKLSGUARD.1G Consolideck LS Guard 1 gallon pail Per Gallon in 1 Gallon Pail 9.2 lbs per Gallon
SKLSGUARD.5G Consolideck LS Guard 5 gallon pail Per Gallon in 5 Gallon Pail 9.2 lbs per Gallon


Prosoco Consolideck LS Guard Data Sheet

Prosoco Consolideck LS Guard MSDS