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Laminated Paper

Dumond Laminated Paper

What makes Dumond® Laminated Paper so extraordinary? This one product can control harmful dust dispersal in lead paint abatement procedures, keep paint wet longer for more effective paint removal, and make cleanup fast and easy. No wonder it’s one of the most respected and wiely used environmentally friendly lead-based paint removal products in the world.

The Dumond Laminated Paper is a patented laminated paper that can be used with a variety of Dumond® paint removal products, and it comes pre-packaged in the Peel Away® 1, 2 and 7 kits. Depending upon the application and the size of the project, Dumond® Laminated Paper can be used in conjunction with other Dumond® products as well, especially when lead paint abatement is needed.

SAFE AND EASY LEAD REMEDIATION AND PAINT REMOVAL When removing or painting over lead paint, it’s critical that all lead paint chips and harmful lead dust is collected before, during, and after the project. Once a paint removal product is applied to a surface to be stripped, the Dumond® Laminated Paper is used to cover the stripping paste and paint. Once the proper dwell time passes, the paper is removed along with the paste, paint, and any harmful lead-paint dust or chips.

Dumond® Laminated Paper extends the dwell time for all paint removal projects, this is especially useful when:

  • Extended dwell times are necessary to remove all coatings.
  • The temperature and elements may dry out the paste from the paint removal. Keeping the paste wet by using the laminated paper allows the product to work more effectively.
  • Multiple coatings need to be removed. The laminated paper reduces the wrinkling, or tenting, that occurs during a paint removal project so that the remover stays in contact with subsequent coatings until reaching the bare substrate.

Individual packages of this product are available in a 3 pack/30 square foot, 10 pack/100 square feet and a 13" X 300' rolls for larger projects.


  • Aids in the effectiveness of all Dumond® paint removal products.
  • Controls lead-dust dispersal on historic restoration and lead remediation projects by containing lead-based paints and other hazardous materials.
  • Increases dwell time and reduces evaporation of all Dumond® paint removal products especially when temperatures exceed 90° degrees Fahrenheit.

Item Name


Unit Quantity

Laminated Paper 3 pack 30-ft²
Laminated Paper 10 pack 100-ft²


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