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Smoke "N" Sound Acoustical Sealant

SpecSeal® Smoke ‘N’ Sound Sealant is a high quality acrylic latex sealant designed for sealing through-penetrations (such as pipes, conduits, cabling, busways, openings), membrane penetrations (such as p-traps and outlet boxes) in smoke rated walls. SpecSeal Smoke ‘N’ Sound may also be used in linear applications such as wall-to-wall and head-of-wall joints where joints are designed to be either static or minimally dynamic.

SpecSeal® Smoke ‘N’ Sound Sealant is available in a single grade that has excellent caulking properties as well as high build properties on vertical or overhead surfaces. This single grade may be caulked (standard cartridge or bulk loaded), knifed or troweled. In addition, SpecSeal Smoke ‘N’ Sound contains no PCB’s nor asbestos.

SpecSeal® Smoke ‘N’ Sound Sealant is storage stable (when stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations), is asbestos free and will not separate nor excessively shrink when dried. Smoke ‘N’ Sound will adhere to all common construction and penetrant materials and contains no solvents that might adversely effect plastic pipes or cable jackets.

Item #

Product Name


Unit Quantity


SSSNS105.5G Smoke "N" Sound Sealant (Yellow) 5 Gallon Pail (Yellow) Per Gallon In 5 Gallon Pails 55 lbs Per Pail
SSSNS105W.5G Smoke "N" Sound Sealant (White) 5 Gallon Pail (White) Per Gallon In 5 Gallon Pails 55 lbs Per Pail
SSSNS120W.SS Smoke "N" Sound Sealant (White) 20oz Standard Sausage (White) Per Sausage in Boxes of 12 1.5 lbs. Per Sausage


Smoke "N" Sounds Acoustical Sealant Data Sheet

Smoke "N" Sounds Acoustical Sealant MSDS