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FyreFlange Firestop Angle

FyreFlange™ Firestop Angles consist of galvanized steel retaining angles with a layer of bonded intumescent material designed to be installed around the perimeter of non-dampered square or rectangular steel ducts. Powder coated red for easy inspection and identification; FyreFlange™ Firestop Angles meet the exacting criteria of ASTM E814 (UL1479). Unlike traditional duct firestopping methods utilizing backer or packing materials, sealants, and angles installed and inspected in stages, FyreFlange™ Firestop Angle can be installed as the duct is installed and inspected just once after the installation is complete. In the event of fire, FyreFlange™ Firestop Angle prevents duct collapse and minimizes deflection. When exposed to temperatures in excess of 350°F (177°C), its intumescent gasketing system expands up to 15 times to form a dense insulative char that stops the spread of fire and minimizes heat transfer.

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SSFFA2208-8.EA SpecSeal 8' Fyreflange Angle 92" x 96" Per Flange Unknown
SSFFC22.BAG SpecSeal Corner Angle Corner Clips (8 per pack) Per Pack Unknown


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