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SikaFlex Sealant / Adhesive Primers

Sikaflex primers are special materials formulated to improve the bond of Sikaflex urethane sealants when applied to specific substrates.

Sikaflex Primer 260/205
Sikaflex Primer 260/205 promotes adhesion of urethane sealants to various metallic, non metallic, and plastic substrates.

Sikaflex Primer 429/202
Sikaflex Primer 429/202 promotes adhesion to clean, sound, and dry concrete, masonry, Exterior
Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), and wood — including teak and mahogany.

Sikaflex Primer 449/203
Sikaflex Primer 449/203 is used to promote adhesion to pvc, solvent-based enamel, PPG’s fluorocarbon
Duranar-finish, and certain plastics such as ABS and Plexiglass.

Where to Use
Most substrates require a primer only if testing shows need for it or where the sealant will be
underwater after cure. Certain substrates do require a primer under all conditions.

Single-component, ready to use. 
Easily applied by brush, dauber, or spray.

Item #

Product Name


Unit Quantity


SIK260/205.1PT SikaFlex 260/205 Primer per pint 6 Per Case 2.5 lbs per pint
SIK429/202.1PT SikaFlex 429/202 Primer per pint 6 Per Case 2.5 lbs per pint
SIK449/203.1PT SikaFlex 449/203 Primer per pint 6 Per Case 2.5 lbs per pint


Sikaflex Sealant/Adhesive Primers Data Sheet

Sikaflex 449/203 Primer MSDS

Sikaflex 429/202 Primer MSDS

Sikaflex 260/205 Primer MSDS