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All Categories > Construction Sealants & Adhesives > Sika Construction Sealants > Sikaflex 2C SL Two-Component Polyurethane Sealant  
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Sikaflex 2C SL Two-Component Polyurethane Sealant

Sikaflex-2C SL is a 2-component, premium-grade, polyurethane-based, elastomeric sealant. It is principally a chemical cure in a self-leveling consistency. Meets ASTM C-920, Type M, Grade P, Class 25, use T, NT, M, G, A, O, I and Federal Specification TT-S-00227E, Type 1, Class A.

Where to use
Intended for use in all properly designed working joints with a minimum depth of 1/4 inch.
Ideal for horizontal applications.
Placeable at temperatures as low as 40°F.
Adheres to most substrates commonly found in construction.
Submerged conditions, such as canal and reservoir joints.

True self-leveling properties.
Capable of ±50% joint movement.
Chemical cure allows the sealant to be placed in joints exceeding 1/2 in. in depth.
High elasticity with a tough, durable, flexible consistency.
Exceptional cut and tear resistance.
Exceptional adhesion to most substrates without priming.
Available in 40 architectural colors.
Color uniformity assured via Color-pak system.
Available in pre-pigmented Limestone Gray (no Color-pak needed).
Self-leveling consistency, easy to apply in horizontal joints.
Easy to mix.
Paintable with water-, oil-, and rubber-base paints.
Jet fuel resistant.
USDA approved.
No color-pak needed in pre-pigmented Limestone.

Item #

Product Name


Unit Quantity


SIK2CSLTINT.EA Sikaflex 2C SL Tinatable Base per 1.5 gallon pail Per Pail 15 lbs. per pail
SIK2CSLLS.EA Sikaflex 2C SL - Limestone per 1.5 gallon pail Per Pail 15 lbs. per pail
SIK2CSLLS.3U Sikaflex 2C SL - Limestone per 3 gallon pail Per Pail 30 lbs. Per Pail
SIKCP.EA Sikaflex Color Pak Per Color Pak Per Individual Color Pak NA


Sikaflex 2c SL Data Sheet

Sikaflex 2c SL - Part A MSDS

Sikaflex 2c - Part B MSDS