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All Categories > Air/Vapor Barriers & Flashing > Moisture Vapor Reduction Systems > Arizona Polymer Flooring > Arizona Polymer Epoxy Moisture Stop (EMS)  
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Arizona Polymer Epoxy Moisture Stop (EMS)

APF Epoxy Moisture Stop (EMS) is a specially formulated 100% solids epoxy coating designed for use over concrete with high moisture levels for the purpose of isolating the concrete from moisture sensitive flooring. EMS has been formulated with low viscosity and excellent substrate wetting capabilities to promote penetration and adhesion to challenging substrates. The hydrophobic curing agent gives it the ability to cure fully in the wet, alkaline environment found in concrete with moisture problems. In addition, the product is highly crosslinked giving it very low permeability and excellent long term resistance to corrosive alkalinity. EMS contains no plasticizers, phenols or unreacted amines that could migrate out of the cured coating and trigger osmotic blistering.

EMS is used in a two coat application over a well profiled, shotblasted surface. It may be used strictly as an unfilled coating or with aggregate broadcast into the second coat to serve as an anchor for flooring adhesives or cementitious leveling compounds.

EMS is designed to remediate all concrete moisture problems, regardless of severity. EMS may be used in new construction settings when the concrete is not dry enough to allow for the installation of moisture sensitive flooring and the construction schedule must be met. It can be used over concrete with known moisture problems and over concrete placed with no vapor retarder as a means for preventing future moisture problems.

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AFMVS.1U Arizona Polymer Epoxy Moisture Stop (EMS) 1 Gallon (Two-Component) Unit Per 1 Gallon Unit
AFMVS.3U Arizona Polymer Epoxy Moisture Stop (EMS) 3 Gallon (Two-Component) Unit per 3 Gallon Unit


APF Epoxy Moisture Stop Data Sheet

APF Moisture Stop MSDS