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MFM Future Flash Membrane

is a prefabricated waterproofing membrane designed for use around windows and doors under stucco and other exterior wall systems. The product may be used to strip in the flanges of wood, metal and vinyl windows or as a flashing wherever a uniform, dependable waterproofing barrier is required. FutureFlash is constructed of two high‑performance films with a core of specially formulated rubberized asphalt sandwiched between them. The polyethylene film is tough and resistant to tear. The polyester film adds dimensional stability to the product. FutureFlash is engineered to be the strongest, most dependable waterproofing system available to withstand extreme jobsite conditions.

FutureFlash is attached using nails, staples, screws and other conventional fastening methods.
The rubberized asphalt core self‑seals around fasteners to eliminate leaks. FutureFlash must be adhered to the building paper using PRO Installer FutureFlash Sealant™. This process effectively incorporates the window into the building system and protects the structure
from water damage caused by soaking or wind-driven rain, snow and ice.

is designed to meet the requirements of Uniform Building Code Section #1 707(b): "Exterior openings exposed to the weather shall be flashed in such a manner as to make waterproof." FutureFlash provides protection from leaks in structures of all types and may be used to weatherproof windows, doors, vents, etc.

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Unit Quantity

MFMFF-9.RL MFM Future Flash Membrane - 9" x 75' 4 Rolls per Case Per 75 LF Roll
MFMFF-12.RL MFM Future Flash Membrane - 12" x 75' 3 Rolls per Case Per 75 LF Roll


MFM Future Flash Data Sheet

MFM Future Flash MSDS