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SureKlean Vana Trol

Sure Klean® Vana Trol® is a concentrated acidic cleaner for new masonry surfaces that are subject to vanadium, manganese and other metallic stains. Vana Trol® is designed to simplify rinsing and reduces potential for efflorescence.
Clings to masonry surface, and softens excess mortar and job dirt.
Slow-drying so it rinses clean without streaking.
Controls green vanadium and brown manganese staining on color-sensitive brick and tile.
Safe for use on most unpolished natural stone or cast stone.
Designed for use with colored mortar.

• Repeated applications may leave a detergent residue. To reduce potential for detergent residue: always prewet; rinse thoroughly; do not exceed two applications.
• Not effective for removing atmospheric dirt and black carbon stains. Use the appropriate Sure Klean® restoration cleaner to remove atmospheric staining from older masonry.

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SKVNTRL.1G SureKlean Vana Trol 1 gallon pail Per 1 Gallon Pail 10 lbs Per Pail
SKVNTRL.5G SureKlean Vana Trol 5 gallon pail Per Gallon in 5 Gallon Pail 47 lbs per Pail


Prosoco Sk Vana Trol Data Sheet

Prosoco SK Vana Trol MSDS