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All Categories > Air/Vapor Barriers & Flashing > Window & Door Flashings > Fortifiber Corporation > Fortifiber Moistop PF Flashing  
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Fortifiber Moistop PF Flashing

Moistop PF Flashing is a superior flexible flashing designed to prevent incidental moisture intrusion around windows and doors.

Moistop PF is a strong multilayer composite of heavy-duty woven polypropylene fabric, coated on both sides with ultraviolet-resistant polypropylene.

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FFMOISTPF-6.RL Fortifiber Moistop PF - 6" x 300' 6 Rolls per Case Per 300 LF Roll 3.75 lbs. per Roll
FFMOISTPF-9.RL Fortifiber Moistop PF - 9" x 300' 6 Rolls per Case Per 300 LF Roll 5.6 lbs. per Roll
FFMOISTPF-12.RL Fortifiber Moistop PF - 12" x 300' 6 Rolls per Case Per 300 LF Roll 7.5 lbs. per Roll


Fortifiber Moistop PF Flashing Data Sheet

Fortifiber Moistop PF Flashing MSDS