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All Categories > Construction Sealants & Adhesives > Tremco / Vulkem Sealants > Silicone Sealants > Spectrem 3 Non-Staining, Long Tooling  
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Spectrem 3 Non-Staining, Long Tooling

A general-purpose, low-modulus, high-performance, one-part, neutral-curing, non-staining, construction-grade silicone sealant.

Basic Uses
Spectrem 3 has been formulated to offer exceptional physical properties, making it ideal for sealing dynamically moving joints associated with material having a high coefficient of linear expansion such as EIFS, aluminum curtain walls, metal panels and window perimeters. This patented formula has extended the tooling time at high temperatures. Spectrem 3 provides high performance capabilities and the unique ability to apply in bulk over a broad temperature range.

Item #

Product Name


Unit Quantity


TRSPEC3.SC Spectrem® 3 Non-Staining, Long Tooling 1/12 gallon (300mL) cartridges 30 per Case 1lb Per Cartridge lbs
TRSPEC3.SS Spectrem® 3 Non-Staining, Long Tooling 20.3 oz. (600mL) sausages 15 per case 1.5lbs per sausage lbs
TRSPEC3.2G Spectrem® 3 Non-Staining, Long Tooling 2 gallon (7.6 L) Per Pail 20lbs per pail lbs


Tremco Spectrem 3 Data Sheet

Tremco Spectrem 3 MSDS