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Translucent Color Enhancer

Translucent Color Enhancer is a semi-transparent stain, designed to be used over Solid Color Stain in a contrasting color or over raw (after application of Clear 32) or integrally colored concrete. It is used to tint or enhance areas of relief on textured, stamped concrete surfaces to create an antiqued look. It is also used to create a faux finish by blending and layering additional Translucent Color Enhancer colors. 
Newlook products are ideal for driveways, garage floors, pool decks, offices, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, shopping malls, schools, and other high traffic areas.

Newlook Solid Color Concrete Stain, Newlook Translucent Color Enhancer Stain, and Newlook Translucent Color Enhancer Additive are each available in 80 standard colors. View the Newlook Color Chart for standard selections.

Newlook products can be used to create specialty decorative designs with stencils. Note: Newlook products must be applied in very light applications with an appropriate hand brush to avoid bleeding under the stencil.
Translucent Color Enhancer Extra Large 3 32 oz. (946 ml) A, B, C 600-1200 Sf.
Large 3 16 oz. (473 ml) A, B, C 300-600 Sf.
Small 3 4 oz. (118 ml) A, B, C 75-150 Sf.

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Product Name


Unit Quantity


NLENH.LK Color Enhancer Large Kit 16 oz kit (3 bottles) Per Kit NA
NLENH.SK Color Enhancer Small Kit 4 oz kit (3 bottles) Per Kit NA


Solid Color Stain Data Sheet

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