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All Categories > Flooring Materials and Coatings > Epoxy and Urethane Floor Coatings > Arizona Polymer Flooring > All Arizona Polymer Flooring Products > Polyurethane > APF Polyurethane 500 (Top Coat)  
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APF Polyurethane 500 (Top Coat)

Polyurethane 500 is a two component, water- based aliphatic polyurethane that provides an excellent combination of high gloss, hardness, stain resistance and gloss retention under heavy foot traffic.  The material cures quickly, allowing light traffic in 4-6 hours.  Resistance to yellowing and loss of gloss under U.V. light  is excellent.  For exterior applications, a special U.V. absorber package can be added to ensure long term U.V. resistance.  Polyurethane 500 is user and environmentally friendly.  It is VOC compliant in California. 

Polyurethane 500 has been developed as a high performance finish coat for various seamless flooring, coating, and architectural concrete applications where odor cannot be tolerated.  It is the ideal top coat for areas that require maximum gloss retention, ease of cleaning, and resistance to heavy foot traffic.  Typical areas of application would include clean rooms, hospitals, concrete counter tops and high traffic retail areas.  Polyurethane 500 is also very well suited as a high performance coating for hardwood floors.   

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AFU500.125U APF Polyurethane 500 (Top Coat) 1-1/4 Gallon Unit
AFU500.5U APF Polyurethane 500 (Top Coat) 5 gallon unit


APF Polyurethane 500 Data Sheet

APF Polyurethane 500 Clear MSDS