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APF Epoxy 300 Flex

Epoxy 300 Flex is a 100% solids, medium viscosity, flexible epoxy system. It has excellent elongation, hardness and impact resistance. The material cures, blush-free, and forms a tenacious bond to damp concrete and properly prepared metal. 

It can be purchased in a thickened paste version for easy joint and crack filling. A special hardener is available where cold weather curing (down to 40 degrees), or accelerated room temperature cure is required. 

Epoxy 300 Flex was developed for industrial joint and crack repair. It's combination of resilience and physical strength allows it to absorb the impact of heavy loads and steel wheeled traffic. When used as a coating system, it is especially well suited for applications where surface movement, vibrations or thermal cycling may defeat the protection of a rigid material. Typical applications of this type would include wood decks, suspended concrete slabs, mechanical rooms and exterior aggregate-filled flooring. Epoxy 300 Flex has been used successfully as a coating material for aluminum and on steel ship decks. 

Item #

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AFE300.1+U APF Epoxy 300 Flex 1-1/2 Gallon Unit
AFE300G.3QT APF Epoxy 300 Flex Paste 3 Quart Unit
AFE300G.1+U APF Epoxy 300 Flex Paste 1-1/2 Gallon Unit
AFE300GFC.1+U APF Epoxy 300 Flex Paste Fast Cure 1-1/2 Gallon Unit


APF Epoxy 300 Flex Data Sheet

APF Epoxy 300 Flex Clear MSDS

APF Epoxy 300 Flex Paste Clear MSDS

APF Epoxy 300 Flex Pigmented MSDS

APF Epoxy 300 Flext Paste Part B Fast Cure MSDS

APF Standard Color Chart