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APF Color Fuse

APF Color Fuse is a proprietary blend of specialized water soluble polymers and liquid dyes designed for staining both conventional and polymer modified concrete. A novel and highly effective adhesion promoter has been incorporated into the formulation that gives Color Fuse exceptional adhesion to conventional concrete substrates, giving it a major advantage over competitive water-based stains. Adhesion testing on applications done over clean, profiled surfaces showed tensile pull strengths of 400-450 psi with cohesive failure of the concrete. These values match those shown in amine cured epoxy systems. This high bond strength gives the contractor a material he can use confidently in more challenging applications such as vehicle areas without fear of adhesion failure. APF Color Fuse is designed to be reduced 50-100% with water in the field. This feature reduces shipping costs and gives good application economics.

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Product Name


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AFCOLORFUSE.1G APF Color Fuse Base 1 gallon pail 1 Gallon Unit Mixed 1Base:1Color Pack 12 lbs. Per Pail
AFCOLORFUSE.5G APF Color Fuse Base 5 gallon pail 5 Gallon Unit Mixed 1Base:1Color Pack 55 lbs. Per Pail
AFCOLPIG.1PT APF Color Fuse Color Pack 1 Pint Per individual Pint NA


APF Color Fuse Data Sheet

APF Color Fuse MSDS