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All Categories > Flooring Materials and Coatings > Epoxy and Urethane Floor Coatings > Sika > Sikalastic 710/715 Traffic System > SIK715TC.5G  
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Sikalastic 715 Top Coat

Top Coats Thoroughly mix Sikalastic 715 Top using a mechanical mixer (Jiffy) at slow speeds until a homogenous mixture and color is obtained. Use care not to allow the entrapment of air into the mixture. Apply at the recommended coverage rate (see System Guide) using a flat or notched squeegee and backroll using a phenolic resin core roller. Apply aggregate evenly distributed at the appropriate rate immediately into wet coating and backroll if required (see System Guide). Allow coating to cure a minimum of 16 hours at 70°F and 50% RH
or until tack free between coats, and a minimum of 72 hours before opening to vehicular traffic.
Use clean, rounded, oven dried quartz sand with a minimum gradation of 16-30 mesh for vehicular traffic and 20-40 mesh for pedestrian traffic, and a minimum hardness of 6.5 per the Moh’s scale. It should be supplied in pre-packaged bags and free of metallic or other impurities. Seeding of aggregate means an even, light broadcast short of to refusal. Any loose aggregate must be removed prior to recoating. Backroll aggregate where indicated.

Accelerator Sikalastic 700 ACL may be added to Sikalastic 710 Base or 715 Top in order to speed cure time particularly in cold weather conditions. Mix thoroughly prior to application. Add a maximum of 1 quart to 5 gallons (or
1:20 ratio) and only to material that will applied within 2-3 hours.
System Guide Pedestrian Traffic Heavy Pedestrian / Light Vehicular Heavy Vehicular Traffic
715 Top Coat II 16 mils wet (12 mils dry) - 100 sf/gal. 16 mils wet (12 mils dry) - 100 sf/gal.
Aggregate 10-15 lbs/100 sf - seeded
715 Top Coat III 16 mils wet (12 mils dry) - 100 sf/gal.
Total Thickness 33 mils dry (excluding aggregate) 43 mils dry (excluding aggregate) 55 mils dry (excluding aggregate)


Sikalastic 710/715 Traffic System Tech Data

Sikalastic 715 Top Coat MSDS