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FTP Primer

Sikafloor FTP 7 gal. kit - two 1 gal. cans Part “R” and two short-filled pails
Part “H” (1.25 gal. each). Kit yields 7 gal. after dilution with
2.5 gal. water (see mixing instructions below)

Priming Concrete and Plywood:
 Apply Sikafloor FTP with a flat squeegee or roller at approximately 300 sf/gal. and
work well into the substrate to ensure adequate penetration and sealing and puddles are avoided. Refer to
separate data sheet for more detailed information, or consult Sika for other primer options.
System Guide Pedestrian Traffic Heavy Pedestrian / Light Vehicular Heavy Vehicular Traffic
Primer Sikafloor FTP - 300 sf/gal. Consult Sika for other primer options.

Premix both components. Sikafloor FTP, Part “H” is dark olive green in color and may appear black
in the container. Sikafloor FTP, Part “R” is light amber in color. Add the 1 gallon of Sikafloor FTP, Part “R” to the 1.25 gallons of Part “H” in the short filled Part “H” pail. Mix thoroughly with a mechanical mixer (Jiffy) for
3 minutes. This mixture will appear as a light olive green color. Slowly add 1.25 gallons of potable water to
the mixture under agitation. Mix for an additional 2 minutes until the mixture is fully dispersed. Fully
dispersed material will appear as light green in color. Allow primer to cure a minimum of 3-4 hours at 70°F
and 50% RH or until tack free before applying base coat.


Sikalastic 710/715 Traffic System Tech Data

Sikafloor FTP Part H MSDS

Sikafloor FTP Part R MSDS