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GE Sanitary SCS1700

Sanitary SCS1700 is a one-part silicone rubber sealant. It will resist mildew even when exposed to prolonged hot and humid environments. The sealant does not provide or maintain a nutrient surface for fungus. This sealant effectively seals around bathtubs, shower stalls, wall fixtures, rimless sinks, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and may be used for ceramic tile grouting and bedding. For maintenance Sanitary SCS1 700 sealant may be used outdoors as well as indoors.
Watertight bonds can be made with this sealant in combination with glass, ceramic, steel, aluminum and many plastics. The sealant may be utilized on the job site or in the shop.
Sanitary SCS1700 silicone sealant is a mildew-resistant, one-part rubber. It guns easily in any weather, or in any climate. Easily placed into a joint, the sealant 'skins over' quickly and cures to silicone rubber on contact with moisture in the air. It is durable and offers mildew resistance, elasticity and weatherability.



Per 10oz Cartridge



SCS1700 Product Data Sheet