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GE Silpruf SCS2000

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SilPruf SCS2000 sealant is a one-part silicone sealant for use in most common weatherproofing applications on a wide variety of materials. After application, the sealant reacts with atmospheric moisture to produce a low-modulus, long life, formed-in-place silicone rubber building joint and glazing sealant.
Basic Uses:
SilPruf SCS2000 silicone sealant is designed for use in structural glazing applications such as in-shop and field glazing of curtain wall modules where glass lights are attached to the metal framing system with the structural sealant. SilPruf silicone sealant may also be used to seal assemblies of metals, masonry, concrete, coated surfaces, plastics, wood and other common construction materials. SilPruf sealant is specially designed for use in butt joints or lap shear joints in weatherproofing and glazing applications subject to movement. The low-modulus characteristic reduces strain on the substrate surface and the elastomeric quality allows excellent recovery from extension and compression cycling. SilPruf sealant may be factory or field applied to glass, metal and plastics in glazing and curtainwall assemblies to produce a primary or secondary seal against water, air and dust penetration.



SCS2000 Product Data Sheet