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GE RCS20 Acrylic Latex

RCS20 siliconized acrylic sealant is a premium quality, all-purpose siliconized acrylic latex gun grade sealant that can be used for interior and exterior caulking and sealing. It provides excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces with superior flexibility and is an excel­lent candidate for use in sealing seams, cracks and joints around doors, windows, woodwork, siding, flashing, air condition­ers, baseboards and countertops. RCS20 siliconized acrylic sealant may be suitable for use as an acoustical sealant for reduc­ing sound transmission in a wall system.

Basic Uses
RCS20 siliconized acrylic sealant is designed to provide water and weather protection by forming an airtight seal when used on interior and exterior surfaces. Can be used for caulking window and door frames, vinyl, steel, aluminum, plywood siding, drywall, baseboards, bathroom & kitchen fixtures, primed fiber cement siding and conventional stucco.  RCS20 siliconized acrylic sealant can be used to patch non­structural cracks and joints on many common substrates, including: stucco, precast concrete, concrete block, brick and wood.

RCS20 siliconized acrylic sealant is useful as an acoustical sealant in the construction of walls, windows, doors, ceilings and floors to reduce sound transmission in wall partitions to maintain specified STC and OITC values. Use it to seal all adjacent simi­lar or dissimilar materials on both sides of partitions and walls, around electrical box cutouts, under tracks and around door frames and window perimeters.



RCS20 Product Data Sheet