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Prosoco Inc.

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Prosoco LS Klean

Consolideck LS Klean


Consolideck® LS Klean is a concentrated maintenance cleaner for concrete floors treated with Consolideck® lithium silicate hardening and densifying products. The specialized blend of degreasers and detergents removes most common soiling found on concrete floors. It is perfect for use on concrete floors everywhere, from warehouses and manufacturing plants to schools, stores, hospitals and restaurants.

LS Klean contains a lithium silicate hardener-densifier. The lithium silicate component helps maintain concrete hardness by curing any "soft" calcium hydroxide left over from the original hardening-densifying treatment. Though LS Klean was specifically designed for lithium silicate hardened and densified floors, it is an ...

Prosoco LS

Consolideck LS Sealer Hardener

Premium sealer, hardener and densifier for concrete
No floors get the beating that industrial floors get. Spills, traffic, dirt, oil, abrasion, pounding, loads, chemicals and more take their toll over time. Industrial concrete floors have got to be hard to survive!

Consolideck® LS (lithium silicate) penetrates and reacts with concrete. It creates tough, insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. Unlike sodium silicate hardeners, LS penetrates without scrubbing. And no flushing is needed after application. The result is a floor more than five times harder than untreated concrete. That means longer service-life with all the associated savings in time, money and aggravation. ...
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Consolideck LS/CS Sealer Hardener

Economical sealer, hardener and densifier for concrete
Like its premium cousin, Consolideck® LS/CS (lithium silicate/colloidal silica) helps concrete floors stand up to the worst industrial workplaces can offer.

Floors treated with Consolideck® LS/CS test out at more than four times the hardness of untreated floors. Treated concrete resists pounding, abrasion, traffic, chemicals, water and the thousands of other costly stressors that attack industrial concrete floors.

• Easy one-coat application.
• More effective, and quicker and easier to apply than potassium or sodium silicates.
• Improves concrete abrasion resistance.
• Natural shine reflects more ...
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Consolideck LS Guard

Glossy sealer, hardener & densifier for concrete
Consolideck® LS Guard combines high-gloss beauty with the penetrating toughness of Consolideck® LS – PROSOCO’s premium sealer, hardener and densifier for horizontal concrete. The easyapplication lithium silicate treatment penetrates and reacts with the concrete. The concrete, new or old, dramatically increases in hardness, denseness and durability. Meanwhile, LS Guard’s polymeric component seals the concrete. You get an immediate rich, shiny finish that makes concrete easy to clean and maintain. No buffing needed! And the high covereage rate – 650-850 square feet per gallon means a LOW installed cost. Perfect for decorative ...