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Catch N Cover Prod Pic


Catch-N-Cover™ Microfiltration Membrane

During home improvement construction and other projects, debris and overspray can ruin the lawn, plants, and surrounding area of the jobsite. Dumond Chemicals offers a product that protects this area and makes construction cleanup easy. Catch-N-Cover™ is made of a strong, breathable, and specially-treated water filter material that allows both air and water to easily pass through as it collects debris and overspray from construction. The low-absorbent fabric will not suffocate, crush, flatten, or “cook” the vegetation underneath, even in direct sun like plastic or heavier tarps can. Not only does this lightweight barrier shield the area from dirt and ...

Laminated Paper Prod Pic

Laminated Paper

Dumond Laminated Paper

What makes Dumond® Laminated Paper so extraordinary? This one product can control harmful dust dispersal in lead paint abatement procedures, keep paint wet longer for more effective paint removal, and make cleanup fast and easy. No wonder it’s one of the most respected and wiely used environmentally friendly lead-based paint removal products in the world.

The Dumond Laminated Paper is a patented laminated paper that can be used with a variety of Dumond® paint removal products, and it comes pre-packaged in the Peel Away® 1, 2 and 7 kits. Depending upon the application and the size of the project, Dumond® Laminated Paper can be used in conjunction with other ...