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SIKA Corporation

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Sikagard 550W Elastocolor

Sikagard 550W Elastocolor is a elastomeric, crack-bridging, anti-carbonation, acrylic protective coating. Sikagard 550W Elastocolor provides protection to reinforced concrete from the ingress of carbon dioxide and other aggressive gasses. It offers high resistance to chlorides and other waterborne salts and excellent UV light resistance.  Sikagard 550W Elastocolor will not act as vapor barrier and will enhance the aesthetic appearance of the structure.
Where to Use

Protective, crack-bridging coating for concrete, mortar, stucco, masonry, and exterior finishing systems subject to cracking/dynamic movement. On building and civil engineering structures subject to cracking.  As the ...

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Sikagard 552W Wall Primer

Sikagard 552W Primer is a one component, penetrating, adhesion promoter for priming concrete and other masonry surfaces prior to the application of acrylic emulsion coatings. Sikagard Primers will reduce the consumption rate of the subsequent coat by providing a uniformly absorptive surface.

Where to Use
Primer coat for concrete and mineral substrates or those showing signs of higher than average porosity when over-coating existing coatings which are firmly bonded.

- Resistant to water vapor diffusion.
- Environmentally friendly.
- Water-based.
- Excellent wetting properties.
- Reduces consumption of subsequent coat.  
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Sikagard 670W Wall Coating

Sikagard 670W is a water dispersed colored, acrylic, protective coating. Sikagard 670W prevents moisture ingress, is water vapor permeable and provides an excellent carbonation barrier.
Where to Use
Above grade, exterior application on buildings or civil engineering structures. It is designed to aesthetically enhance and protect concrete and other masonry substrates subject to normal hydrothermal movement. Protective, decorative seal coat for SikaColor and Sikadur Balcony Systems.

- Easy to apply. n Extremely resistant to dirt pick-up and mildew.
- Excellent resistance to carbon dioxide and other aggressive gas diffusion.
- Excellent UV resistance. ...
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Sikagard Elastic Base Coat

Sikagard Elastic Base Coat is an elastic, crack-bridging, anti-carbonation, base coat. Sikagard Elastic Base Coat protects structures from the ingress of carbon dioxide and other aggressive atmospheric influences without acting as a vapor barrier.

Where To Use
As a base coat to build up the proper thickness for Sikagard 550W Elastocolor.

- Provides resistance to weathering, frost and de-icing salts.
- Excellent carbonation barrier.
- Dynamic crack-bridging properties.
- Water vapor permeable.
- Can be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray.
- Will bridge dynamically moving cracks 300 microns (12 mils) at 400 microns (16 mils) dft ...
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Sikatop 144

SikaTop 144 is a polymer-modified, 2-component, cementitious coating. Designed for use on concrete, mortar, and masonry substrates. Easily applied by brush, roller, or spray equipment. This fine-textured, abrasion-resistant coating is used for protection against deicing salts and for dampproofing/waterproofing.

Where To Use
- Use on grade, above, and below grade on concrete, masonry, and mortar.
- Use on horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces, both interior and exterior.
- Potable water tanks.
- Use as a coating over newly repaired concrete to provide a monolithic/uniform appearance.
- Use as a protective coating to reduce the affect of deicing salt on concrete.
- Use as a ...
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Sikatop Seal 107

SikaTop Seal 107 is a two-component, polymer-modified, cementitious waterproofing and protective slurry mortar for concrete. It is slightly flexible to tolerate fine cracks and suitable in both interior and exterior applications.

 SikaTop Seal 107 provides the following beneficial properties:
- Improves the watertightness of water-containing concrete tanks, reservoirs, and clearwells.
- Protects against water penetration, yet water vapor permeable (breathable).
- Excellent freeze/thaw resistance.
- Good adhesion to sound, prepared substrates.
- Easy and fast mixing and application.
- Good abrasion resistance.
- Protects against concrete carbonation ...