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Koester American Corporation

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Koester NB 1 Product Pic

Koester NB 1

NB 1 Grey is a watertight, cementitious water-proofing compound with subsequent crystallizing agents. The sealing with Koester NB 1 Grey provides excellent pressure and abrasion resistance.  Used for waterproofing new and old buildings.
Koester SB BE Product Pic

Koester SB Bonding Emulsion

Koester SB Bonding Emulsion is a carboxylated styrene butadiene copolymer latex. It is designed to be used as an additive for Koester NB 1 as well as with hydraulic cements. It imparts excellent improved protection from water soluble salts, acid and alkalis.

As a plasticizer for Koester NB1 system.  As an additive to Cement Mortar, to improve adhesion to the substrates and water resistance of the final product. For bonding slurries as well as floor and wall toppings, etc.  To improve Freeze/Thaw Resistance of cementbased mixes. For overlays, underlayments and screeds.
Koester KD-2 Blitz Product Pic

Koester KD-2 Blitz

KD 2 Blitz Powder is a highly reactive powder with extremely short setting time.  Active leaks are sealed in a few seconds with the dry powder.  Used in combination with the KD 3 Sealer for waterproofing against pressurized water.
Koester KD-3 Sealing Liquid Product Pic

Koester KD-3 Sealing Liquid

KD 3 Sealer is a silicifying liquid for surface sealing.  Penetrates deeply into the substrate and forms an insoluble compound.  It blocks the pores and the flow of water permanently by its continuous crystallization process.  Used in combination with the KD-2 Blitz Powder and NB-1 for waterproofing against pressurized water.