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Momentive Performance Materials (GE Silicones)

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GE AWB 2500 Product Image

GE SEC2500 Shilshield AWB

A 100% silicone Air & Water Barrier (AWB) system is an enduring option for an energy efficient and watertight barrier around the building envelope. A complete silicone system eliminates any adhesion issue you might encounter at transitions between silicone and dissimilar materials. Without proper adhesion and compatibility, leakage, higher HVAC costs, water damage and energy inefficiency could ensue.
Silicone has inherent properties that make it an excellent long-term energy efficient solution for air barriers:
  • Durable & airtight
  • UV/Weather resistance of walls while awaiting cladding (20+ years)
  • Cold weather application
  • Permanent flexibility
  • Primerless adhesion to conventional ...